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Weekly pool maintenance service: hassle-free pool pleasure

Without regular water chemistry balancing and the use of quality branded chemicals:

1. The surface/finish of the pool whether marble or fibreglass is damaged.

2. The lifespan is greatly reduced and would require re-marbling or re-fiber glassing much sooner at a substantial cost.

3. The healthy and safe swimming environment, water free of bacteria to avoid ear, eye and nose infections, will not be maintained.

4. With regular testing, the use of quality chemicals and the use of a professional weekly maintenance service, you have hassle free swimming enjoyment and the protection of your investment.

A professional service backed up by our comprehensive computerised ALEX BioGuard Water Analysis and the use of the quality BioGuard pool chemical range.

Certainly not a “Bakkie Brigade” service which more often than not:

1. Are operated from home

2. Have little to no pool chemistry knowledge

3. Have little or no testing equipment to perform a comprehensive water chemistry analysis

4. Often don’t test at all. Often copper sulphate is just added to your pool as a sanitiser, with no ongoing addition of water balancers, which frequently leads to staining of the pool surface.

5. If the cost offered for pool maintenance seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

6. Remember, a Rand goes only so far and you get just what you pay for!